EMC Storage

EMC Data Storage systems, Wey Communications buys and sells the complete range. All used EMC storage products are offered complete with a 90-day warranty and are guaranteed to be accepted onto third party maintenance contracts. Purchasing refurbished used EMC storage is a legitimate and cost effective way to maintain and prolong the investment made in your network estate. System upgrades and replacement parts available for current and legacy machines.

We are always looking to buy redundant storage products. Turn your EMC storage into cash or trade it in against the supply of other machines. Contact us for specific model and configuration enquiries.

EMC Storage Products

  • Used EMC Celerra NS Gateway
  • Used EMC Celerra NX4
  • Used EMC Celerra NS-120
  • Used EMC Celerra NS-480
  • Used EMC Celerra NS-960
  • Used EMC Celerra NS500
  • Used EMC Celerra NS600
  • Used EMC Celerra NS700
  • Used EMC Celerra SE File Server
  • Used EMC Centera WORM
  • Used EMC CLARiiON AX100
  • Used EMC CLARiiON AX150
  • Used EMC CX1
  • Used EMC CX2
  • Used EMC CX3
  • Used EMC CX4
  • Used EMC CLARiiON DL
  • Used EMC CLARiiON FC4500
  • Used EMC CLARiiON FC4700
  • Used EMC CLARiiON FC5300
  • Used EMC CLARiiON IP4700
  • Used EMC 3000 Enterprise Storage
  • Used EMC 5000 Enterprise Storage
  • Used EMC 8000 Enterprise Storage
  • Used EMC DMX