IBM Disk Storage

We buy and sell all IBM Disk Storage Systems. All systems we supply are refurbished, fully tested for functionality and checked for cosmetic condition prior to release. The refurbished IBM Disk Storage Systems we offer are supplied with a 90-day RTB warranty. All systems are guaranteed to be accepted onto existing IBM or third party maintenance contracts. Purchasing refurbished IBM storage products is a legitimate and cost effective way to maintain and prolong the investment made in your network estate.

If you are looking to buy or sell IBM Disk Storage Systems please contact our sales office for further information on configurations and competitive pricing. Alternatively use the enquiry form alongside and we will respond immediately.

As part of our portfolio of IBM products we also offer additional services to make the purchase of disk storage product easy and cost effective. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Delivery, install and handover to your chosen maintenance provider.
  • Supply of parts, features and upgrades.
  • Flexible and bespoke maintenance contracts.


IBM Enterprise Storage – DS8000 Series

  • X1V 2810 A12/114
  • X1V 2810 A14/114
  • DS8800 2423 - All Models
  • DS8700 2423 - All Models
  • DS8300 2421, 2422, 2423, 2424 - All Models
  • DS8100 2107, 2421, 2422, 2423, 2424 - All Models

IBM Enterprise Storage – DS6800 Series

  • 1750-511 FICON Attached
  • 1750-522 FICON Attached

IBM Mid-Range Storage

  • DCS3700
  • DS5020 Express 1814-20A
  • DS3950 Express 1814-94H and 1814-98H

IBM Entry

  • DS3500 Express

IBM Midrange and Entry Expansion Units

  • EXP5060 High Density Disk Enclosure model 1818G!A
  • EXP3500 Express EXP3512 & EXP3524
  • EXP2500 Express EXP2512 & EXP2524

IBM Legacy Storage Systems

  • DS4100  1724-100
  • DS4200   1814-7VA
  • DS4300   1722-6OU
  • DS4400   1742-1RU
  • DS4500   1742-9OU
  • DS4700 1814-7OA, 1814-72A
  • DS4800 1815-8OA, 1815-82A, 1814-85A, 1815-88A

IBM Network Attached Storage (NAS) - Enterprise

  • N7950T 2867-E22
  • N7550T 2867-C20

IBM Network Attached Storage (NAS) - Midrange

  • N6250 2858-E16, 2858-E26
  • N6220 2858-C15, 2858-C25, 2858-E15, 2858-E25

IBM Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Entry

  • N3240 2857-A14, 2857-A24
  • N3220 2857-A12, 2857-A22
  • N3150 2857-A15, 2857-A25