IBM Power Servers

We buy and sell the complete range of IBM Power Servers and Legacy Midrange Servers. All used IBM Power Servers are offered complete with a 90-day warranty and are guaranteed to be accepted onto existing IBM or third party maintenance contracts. Purchasing refurbished used IBM Power Servers is a legitimate and cost effective way to maintain and prolong the investment made in your network estate. System upgrades and replacement parts are available for current and legacy machines.

Wey Communications is always looking to buy used IBM Power Servers. Turn your redundant IBM Power Server into cash or trade it in against the supply of other machines. Use the enquiry form alongside for specific model and configuration enquiries

Our range of services include:

  • Delivery, install and handover to your chosen maintenance provider.
  • Supply of parts, features and upgrades.
  • Flexible and bespoke maintenance contracts.

IBM Power8 Servers - Linux

    • IBM Power8 S812L Servers
    • IBM Power8 S822L Servers

IBM Power8 Servers

    • IBM Power8 S822 Servers
    • IBM Power8 S814 Servers
    • IBM Power8 S824 Servers

IBM Power7 Express Servers

    • IBM Power7 710 Servers
    • IBM Power7 720 Servers
    • IBM Power7 730 Servers
    • IBM Power7 740 Servers
    • IBM Power7 750 Servers

IBM Power7 Enterprise Servers

    • IBM Power7 755 Servers
    • IBM Power7 760 Servers
    • IBM Power7 770 Servers
    • IBM Power7 780 Servers
    • IBM Power7 795 Servers

IBM POWER6 Servers

    • IBM Power6 520 Servers
    • IBM Power6 550 Servers
    • IBM Power6 560 Servers
    • IBM Power6 570 Servers
    • IBM Power6 575 Servers
    • IBM Power6 595 Servers

Legacy IBM System p & System i Servers

    • Used IBM p5 and POWER5+ servers readily available from stock
    • Used IBM WorkStations for CAD & CAM requirements along with all used IBM pSeries models and RS6000 ranges still available
    • Used IBM i5 and System i servers available in all configurations
    • Whole machines and upgrades still available to iSeries models 800, 810, 825, 870, 890 as well as the original IBM AS400 family of servers